Big LED screens for shopping mall & plaza

A digital LED billboard will allow you to promote your brand and products in a distinguished way among the different stores in the mall. It will capture the attention of everyone present with an unprecedented range of colors and images. In Mirackle we commercialize products with the best quality in the market offering:

The greatest LED interior panels for increasing the business center's brand


Our indoor LED panels for mall branding (P1.9MM, P2.5MM, P2.9MM, P3.9MM, and P5MM) provide you with a diversity of 4K quality audiovisual options that will allow you to promote your brand, products, and services to another level:

  • Much more visible and colorful than conventional signage.
  • LED displays allow the reproduction of audiovisual content, which stands out from static advertising.
  • The versatility of its software allows you to change the content creating more dynamic advertisements.
  • A much lower consumption compared to a standard illuminated sign.

Outdoor advertising with a digital-LED billboard

For outdoor mall advertising options, the LED screen outdoor advertising (P3.99MM and P5MM) will allow you to continue advertising your brand and products in open outdoor spaces, visible to all passers-by and from any vehicle:

  • With a more intense brightness, up to 6000 Nits can reproduce your content under sunlight without problems.
  • IP65 is certified dust and water-resistant, ideal to withstand any weather.
  • Continuous use 7 days a week without interruption, your advertising will be available at any time of the day.
  • Capable of being seen at great distances and from different visual angles.

LED wall business with after-sale support

LED technology is the next step in a new era of advertising, and at Mirackle we know its potential better than anyone, which is why we market superior-quality panels. Thanks to the versatility of their modular configuration, they adjust to any available space, ensuring that you can advertise your brand and products in any corner of the mall. 

Shopping will not be the same with the big LED wall for plaza, everything will be filled with a range of colors that will make viewers believe that they were transported to a dream world. We know very well the market and its possibilities, so we offer you:

  • Products of the best quality in the market.
  • Different options of panels, for interiors and exteriors, can cover all your needs.
  • Assistance and guidance throughout the process of acquiring the product, so you get what you are looking for and more.
  • Facilities and financing plans according to all budgets.
  • Distribution with tracking ID service to follow your shipment.
  • Warranty of up to 24 month on all products.
  • After-sales service and installation so you can generate your audiovisual content with the help of our technicians.
  • Personalized maintenance service and repair of the panels if necessary.
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