Compatibility of LED screens with the content format


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LED walls are already positioned as the most widely used screens today, and the compatibility of LED screens with the content format is essential. 

Let’s see how they work with different content formats and display quality:

  • High compatibility with video formats (MP4, AVI, MOV and WMV) and also with images (JPEG, PNG, and BMP).
  • High resolution: they can display images with a very high level of detail.
  • Excellent image quality and brightness: this makes them ideal for displaying content in large, bright spaces.

It is necessary to choose the most appropriate content format and thus take advantage of all the advantages offered by this type of technology.

In that sense, the ideal is to select high-definition videos such as 1080p or 4K.

The relevance of compatibility between LED displays and content formats

As we pointed out earlier, it is important to choose a content format that is compatible with LED displays. Why?

First of all, to get all its benefits and to be able to show the images with the optimal quality.

If this is not the case, display problems such as pixelation, distortions, and other errors may occur. In addition, scaling problems should be avoided, which returns a blurry or pixelated image. And the solution can be at hand, just having the necessary information to choose the right format.

In summary, the advantages of using a compatible format are:

  • Optimization of benefits: by using the correct format, the available resources can be optimized. You should always use the maximum potential of the LED panels.
  • Quality: If the format is not supported, the quality of the image will be affected. The proper format will ensure that the image quality is the best.
  • Compatibility: the compatibility of the software used to create the content must also be correct.
  • User experience: the user must always be considered, choosing the right format will ensure that the viewer receives the best image quality and without technical interruptions.


How to select the right screen resolution for the content?

It is worth mentioning some issues to take into account to select the screen resolution that gives us the image quality we expect. Among them we find the following:

  • Type of LED screen: There are different types of LED screens, some are more compatible with certain resolutions than others. An HD display requires a 720p resolution to provide optimal image quality. Meanwhile, an ultra high definition (UHD) needs a 4K image resolution so that the content can be appreciated with quality and detail.
  • Size: depending on the dimensions of the screen, higher resolution images will be required. A larger screen requires higher resolution images, a smaller screen can transmit lower resolution images without affecting their quality.
  • Resources: having quality image production and processing equipment, you can opt for higher resolution images. If the resources are not so sophisticated, you can choose a lower resolution that guarantees the reproduction of the content without problems.


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