Determine the appropriate resolution and size of the LED video wall for the worship space


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Having a LED screen with an adequate size and resolution is of the utmost importance for any worship space.

To get the right screen, you must take into account:

  • That is compatible with display devices such as video cameras or computers. In this way, the presentation and transmission of content will be ensured, with optimum quality.
  • That it be of optimal image and sound quality: it can help absorb sound waves and reduce reverberation in the worship space. This will result in music and speech being more clear to attendees.
  • Make it more interactive and exciting by offering interactive opportunities in real time. This gives the possibility, for example, of conducting surveys, online voting, questions and answers and live comments. As well as the production of special visual effects that accompany the services officiated by the pastors. Generate income for the community through advertising and sponsorships throughout religious services and also as part of live events.
  • That creates ideal environments for the young community: By including new, dynamic and fun formats, you can attract a broader and more diverse audience and achieve a greater connection.

How to choose the right resolution for an LED display 

Is there a way to choose the best LED display?

As we have already pointed out, an LED wall is an excellent instrument for churches to reach their faithful. But it is important to take into account both its size, location, angle and viewing distance so that viewers can take full advantage of it.

Not all LED displays are the same, you have to know how to select the most appropriate one according to the needs of the church and the type of content you want to transmit.

Each of them has advantages and weaknesses; its characteristics must be carefully evaluated.

For example:

  • Configuration: the configuration of the LED display can be the differential for its performance and durability. This includes: brightness, contrast, temperature and color uniformity.
  • Level of impact: depending on the characteristics of the screen, it may have a greater or lesser impact on the experience of the faithful. The higher the quality and resolution, the visibility and readability can be improved, the audience experience improved, and the community members more attractive.
  • Maintenance and care: it is essential to ensure that the investment made continues over time. Maintenance includes regular cleaning, guarding against damage, and regular inspection for potential problems.


Technical considerations to take into account when choosing the resolution of an LED screen

Some technical considerations to take into account when purchasing an LED screen are:

  • Bandwidth: it should be considered that the resolution of the LED screen is directly related to the amount of data needed to transmit high quality images. If it is not enough, delays in data transmission and poor image quality occur.
  • Refresh rate has to do with the number of times the screen is updated per second. A higher frequency can improve image quality, reducing eye strain.
  • Color temperature can affect image quality and color perception. The resolution must be adapted to the appropriate color temperature, both for the content and for the space in which the screen will be arranged.
  • Useful life: A suitable resolution must be chosen for the intended use of the LED display, to avoid unnecessary wear and tear and thus prolong its useful life.

How to determine the ideal LED panel size for the worship space.

The ideal size of the LED panels can be determined based on different variables and measurements:

  • Viewing distance: You will need to measure the distance from the furthest seat to the exact location of the screen. 
  • Height and width: when the viewing distance is calculated, the width and height of the screen can be determined. In the case of height, you can multiply the viewing distance by 0.6. While for the width the distance can be multiplied by a factor of 1.1. The values ​​may vary depending on the application itself and preferences.
  • Viewing angle: It is essential to take into account the viewing angle from each seat in the church. The Big LED screen must be of a size that is visible from all angles. If it is going to go to the side, on a side wall, with all the more reason it should be larger to ensure correct vision.
  • Available space: It is important to consider all the available space when determining the size of the screen. It shouldn’t take up too much space or overwhelm the crowd.
  • Content: Another aspect to take into account is the type of content that is going to be transmitted. Since if it is about videos or detailed images, a larger LED screen will be required to show each of the details so as not to lose them.


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