How to Use LED Screens to Create Compelling Devotional Content


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For some time, churches have found a new means of communication and approach to their faithful and, with LED walls, pastors have found an innovative way to bring their message to the community.

It is worth asking then, what are the advantages of using LED screens to create devotional content?

There are several possibilities, for example:

  • Reunion with faith: many faithful have rediscovered their faith and devotion thanks to the diversity of convincing content that manages to reach each person through different modalities.
  • Innovation: by broadcasting live through platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.
  • Creative Expansion: By creating a clear message, using high-quality images, and engaging with your audience on social media, all with these displays.

Practical tips for creating inspirational content with LED walls

Of course, to achieve that closeness with the parishioners, it is not enough just to place an LED wall for churches. It is important to create inspirational content that transmits, through this technology and the tools it offers.

For this, it is important to implement some ideas:

  • Creation of content that impresses at first sight, combining images, videos and texts.
  • Clarity in the message transmitted.
  • Duration: the length of the message should not exceed 10 or 15 seconds, since the adequate time to capture the attention of the audience is only approximately 2 seconds.
  • Format: with legible text and with the size according to the corresponding type, such as titles, subtitles, highlighted words, etc.
  • Colors: it is advisable to use contrasting colors, avoiding bright background colors (red or white).
  • Animation: it should be used selectively, taking care that the message does not move too fast.
  • Logo: it is advisable that there is always a reference to the church that produces the content.
  • Attention: at all times the objective is to capture the attention of the attendees.


Creative strategies for using LED panels in Bible teaching.

How can the use of LED panels impact the teaching of the word of God?

As an example, we can cite the use of screens carried out by a university belonging to the church in Dallas, Texas. By using them, they discovered new ways to bring the word of God and the Bible closer to the parishioners.

Through this technology, people can pay more attention to every detail. In collaboration with a group of student volunteers, with knowledge of technology and content generation with state-of-the-art software and applications, it was possible to have attractive, understandable content that combined images with videos and sound, as well as including an interactive content section with social media and live streaming channels.

All of this allowed the preachers to highlight and emphasize the most significant parts of their sermons, while the screen sporadically showed a close-up of his face. All this allowed the preaching of the divine word to reach each of the attendees with much more force.

Strategies to create themed worship environments.

Undoubtedly, LED technology invites us to think about new strategies to get closer to the parishioners and create the right atmosphere.

Some more considerations to take into account when using led walls to reproduce compelling devotional content:

  • Use of high quality images and videos to accompany paragraphs from the Bible and music that accompanies the reading by the preacher.
  • By having a modular structure, which allows you to customize the shape and size of the screens, you can create different combinations of images and texts, for example. While a video is shown in one of the modules, in another a biblical passage can be projected.
  • It is advisable to choose an LED screen with a suitable pitch, for example 3.9, to the size of the church site and the location of the audience.
  • In the market you can find complete packages that include keys, processors, modules, and software.
  • It is ideal to adjust the resolution of the content and adapt it to the size and quality of the screen.
  • There are different types of screens and pitches, according to the needs of each particular church.


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