The use of an LED wall in trade shows


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A trade show is one of the best occasions to make your brand known. Many people interested in products and services like the ones you offer will be gathered in one place. Undoubtedly, it is a sea full of opportunities for an LED wall in trade shows.

However, just as there are many potential customers, competition is everywhere you look. To get the attention of your target customer, a good product is not enough, and this is exactly when LED walls play a decisive role.

At any convention, it is difficult to find a booth without a video projector promoting the brands of the companies gathered there. LED screens go a step further because they cause a more impacting effect on the public.

Let’s learn a little more about how this equipment works in trade show booths:

  • Current image. LED technology has come to revolutionize the world of images. Thanks to the fact that these are the latest equipment, they give your booth a much more modern, sophisticated, and up-to-date image.
  • Interaction. When an LED screen is in a strategic space, it attracts everyone’s attention due to its image quality, its possibility of customization, and the different possible sizes. With this, attendees will be more attracted and interested in your brand and your products.
  • Visual impact. Traditional advertising on paper, cardboard, etc. does not have the impact of an LED screen. This is very important to stand out in a place where customers receive all kinds of offers from different stands.


How to obtain a good booth at trade shows

Conventions are a great opportunity to attract new customers, but to do so you need to capture their attention. To achieve this, you need to take care of the details, strategy, and planning of your booth:

  • Before you start, you need to know the space and location you will have at your disposal. If possible, get a place as close as possible to the main aisle or corridor. Likewise, even if you are not located in a prime spot, there are always ways to get your brand noticed.
  • After this, evaluate the objective and budget for participation in the convention. During these events, it is important to have a clear and direct message so that customers can learn about your proposals. It is also important to define the main products to be promoted and how much money you are going to invest in advertising.
  • The most important thing in a stand is creativity. Innovative, surprising, and useful elements are very efficient. You can use flyers, free samples, demonstrations, etc. The important thing is to add a differentiating element to present your product in an original way.
  • Dynamics such as games, surveys, or raffles work very well because most people are attracted to interactive dynamics where the customer not only receives information but also feels integrated.
  • Personal contact is very important to attract new customers. That is, asking questions, and showing interest in their needs or hobbies is the best way to sell your products or services. For this reason, it is necessary that the staff knows the products well and has a great capacity for empathy and charisma.

An example that works very well is booths that have LED panels from floor to ceiling because they create an immersive environment in which the customer feels inside a particular atmosphere. This is very important because the more the senses are stimulated, the more customers connect with the brand.

You can include a small lounge area with comfortable and attractive furniture so that attendees can feel relaxed. These small details are an ideal occasion for attendees to share interests, tastes, and experiences.

In the lounge area, a screen could be installed with information about the brand, its products, and services. When advertising creates an atmosphere like this, it is much easier for customers to connect personally with your products.

Why LED walls are becoming the go-to choice for trade show displays

All brands that strive to improve their corporate image continue to embrace technology to achieve their goals. To do this, they use all the advantages of LED walls because:

  • They attract attention. The quality of the images of this equipment is incredible, they are even used in film and television recordings. This makes the products look 100% and you can buy or rent the screens you need according to the objective of your stand.
  • They are custom-made. We know that inside a booth there are certain space limitations. To solve this problem, you can use screens that are personalized and assembled according to the characteristics of the space.
  • Engage your audience. When the content of a booth is engaging enough to make customers want to interact, sales come immediately. It’s the little details that make a big difference between content that generates sales and content that doesn’t.
  • High impact. Thanks to the vibrant colors and quality of brightness, LED displays illuminate spaces very well. This is critical in outdoor venues or in the evening hours. Even if the venue is full of booths, your display will make yours stand out from the rest.


Maximizing your trade show impact with Mirackle’s LED screens

At Mirackle we know that trade shows are a great opportunity for your business, that is why we have a commercial team that will assist you from the first moment so that your booth achieves the objectives of your marketing plan.

Our work is focused on each brand to get the most out of their events, which is why we have nationwide shipping, permanent stock, and a financing system for all budgets. We are manufacturers and that is why we use an intuitive, fast, and practical assembly system to make the installation of the equipment easy. But if you need more help, you don’t have to worry because we have technical support. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal to answer any questions and concerns.