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With the progress and boom that are having special effects on film developments, film productions are attracting more and more people from their premieres in different theaters. Hand in hand with this push in the film industry is that Home Cinema with LED screens has been developed where you can enjoy every movie with the same visual and sound quality as in theaters but from the comfort of the armchair of your own home. Therefore, it is not surprising to find an LED display along with a sound system that makes gala in the living room or in a nearby room, even in the basement of the house, setting up a large entertainment room with a video game console, a drinks bar, and other accessories that make the meeting pleasant. Let’s see why it is more convenient to use an LED wall instead of other technologies:

  • This technology does not have the limitation of a specific size as TVs can have, you can have a screen the size you want.
  • They have a higher image quality than conventional LCD TVs and can be seen from different angles of the room without losing image quality.
  • They have a lower power consumption even in long periods of use, which makes them ideal for marathon weekends.
  • Projectors are a good option but do not achieve the image quality, sharpness, and contrast offered by these screens.
  • Also, they need a certain distance to achieve a large image and cannot have obstacles in the middle of their projection because they generate shadows.
  • LED Displays offer a longer life than televisions and projector lamps.


Modular panels to build a LED wall for your home

The versatility offered by LED panels and their modular configuration makes it possible to take advantage of every centimeter of the space you want to cover with them. 

  • The recessed system and its independent power source in each of them, make them ideal for assembling a screen of the size you need, regardless of whether it should be more or less narrow, more or less high, you can even give various forms, not only rectangular or square, you can have fun putting together your own entertainment space. 
  • In the event that you need to replace a panel that does not work properly, simply remove the panel and place another one, something that cannot be done in the case of large TVs when they are damaged. 
  • Another of the particularities that this technology allows us to play different content on the same screen at the same time or even decouple the LED displays to obtain several smaller screens and thus be able, for example, to have several entertainment sectors where some can use game consoles, others watch movies, or watch the different channels offered by cable TV. 
  • As we mentioned, its modular configuration offers freedom of reorganization and redesign of such screens that other technologies cannot offer; your imagination and ingenuity are the only limits that this type of screen has when it comes to building your entertainment or relaxation space, and organize a meeting or any family or friends event in your home.

Best LED screen sizes for home cinema

Let’s see what configuration options can be found in the market, depending on the type of equipment to be purchased:

  • P1.9mm panel with a viewing distance of 5ft (1.5m), and a consumption of 100W.
  • P2.5mm panel with a viewing distance of 6ft (2m), and a power consumption of 150W.
  • P2.9mm panel with a viewing distance of6ft (2m), and a power consumption of 100W.
  • P3.9mm panel with a viewing distance of 8ft (2.4m), and a power consumption of 120W.
  • P5mm panel with a viewing distance of 16ft (5m), and a power consumption of 425W.

Setting up your home cinema with LED screens

Now that we know the different features offered by LED Screens, and knowing what are the different models that can be found in the market to assemble our screens, let’s see how to achieve an optimal configuration of image and sound to get the maximum potential to our entertainment area:

  • Let’s start by configuring the screen, for this, it is important to know the space we have and how much of it we are going to allocate, this comes from the user’s preferences, if you want a square or rectangular screen, wider and less high, such as movie theaters, etc.
  • Once we are clear about the space, we must take into account the distance at which the viewers will be, in order to avoid head movement from one side to the other. For this, a distance of at least 2.5 times the size of the screen is recommended.
  • When establishing the distance we are going to be from our screens, we must also take into account that it should be placed so that we do not have uncomfortable viewing angles and thus avoid a distorted image of the content that is reproduced on them.
  • Sound is a fundamental aspect to obtain an optimal experience when enjoying our content. For this, a speaker placed in a way that generates a surround sound is the best way to achieve it, speakers at the front, sides, and back are ideal.
  • Last but not least, is the lighting factor, a very bright room will not allow us to achieve the best image on our screen, a dimmer lighting is recommended, if you do not want to be in the dark as in a movie theater.


Mirackle’s modular LED screens for a customized home cinema experience

With all the above mentioned the only thing left is to know where we can get the different LED Panels that the market offers, among the various options that will be presented to us, Mirackle is the best choice for your home theater project, as we have been dedicated for years to the production and marketing of LED technology and their equipment is of excellent quality. We handle a permanent stock and offer personalized advice, which will facilitate any questions you may have when setting up your entertainment center. 

All our products are guaranteed for 24 month, which gives you peace of mind when purchasing the screen of your choice. 

We invite you to meet us and our commitment to you is the assurance that you will enjoy the best content, accompanied by some delicious popcorn.