LED Panel Screens and the benefits of modular design


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LED technology has come to revolutionize the way we perceive and dimension images and designs. LED panel screens are becoming more and more popular because they are modular and very versatile. So, let´s talk about LED panel screens and the benefits of modular design.

The main advantage of these devices is that they are much more than just a screen. LCD TVs or projectors lag far behind when it comes to immersive experiences. Instead, when we talk about LED screens, the images are much more immersive so that viewers feel part of the scene.

However, this is not the only advantage; there is much to explore:

  • Maintenance of this equipment is much easier because the modules are individual. This makes servicing and repairs faster.
  • In the event of breakdowns, it is more practical and economical to replace the failing part, rather than doing a thorough overhaul and repair of the entire equipment.
  • The design of modular LED displays is very versatile because parts can be reversed and changed to achieve new effects.
  • Because each module is independent, the failure of one module does not affect the rest. This means that the displays remain functional.
  • Each module is installed individually, which makes the configuration and assembly more intuitive and faster.


So, what exactly is a modular design?

It may not be clear to you until now what a modular LED video wall is. It is actually easier than it sounds because it is an assembly design. This is very important because it solves some of the most common problems with fixed displays.

When the design is modular, the LED displays can be the size and shape that each space needs. Each module has a number of light-emitting diodes and each of these modules is connected by a data network to form a complete display.

  • The strong point of the modular LED video wall is that no matter the shape of the surface to be used, they work like a lego that adapts to each space.
  • Because they are so versatile, they can be used in all kinds of spaces and serve many functions. They can be seen in public transportation, places of worship, recording studios, etc.
  • The independent modules make it possible to create small screens for small spaces or large modular screen panels for concerts or sporting events.

What sizes are available, and how can they be customized?

An LED display can not only be customized by the size of the modules, but configurations such as brightness, pixel density, viewing angle, size, or shape can also be tailor-made.

A modular LED display can be used in any space. Modules come in different sizes, so it is important to review all available options before choosing one:

  • P1.9mm. This model is one of the most recommended indoor spaces. It is an LED screen with 4K quality images. Its finishes are very sophisticated and minimalist.
  • P2.5mm. This size works very well for outdoor spaces, but especially for very large indoor spaces. Its quality and size work perfectly for restaurants, event halls, or recording studios.
  • P2.9mm. If you want something in between, this module is your ideal choice. You can use it as an indoor advertising platform or as a large outdoor display to create much more impact.
  • P3.9mm and P5mm. When it comes to large events in open spaces, these are the best models. Outdoors work very well because the image quality allows for excellent visibility in brightly lit spaces. If it is a large indoor event, they also work because their images are immersive and very sharp.
  • Many times the exterior facades of buildings have a curved surface, in this case, LED screens can be manufactured at a curved angle to fit the space.
  • They can be installed fixed, but they can also be installed with mobile supports that are easy to move from one place to another. This is a very common use in event production companies.


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