LED panels as a way to reduce costs for filmmakers


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The film industry is growing in ways that were previously unthinkable, from the productions it makes, and with the impulse of new technologies, the film industry is reaching a new level of development that excites all viewers. LED panels as a way to reduce costs for filmmakers is a part of this development that can achieve a more realistic set ambiance and allow actors to act freely without having to imagine the environment around them. But not only do they have a better result in production, this technology also has an impact on costs:

  • They are energy efficient and very low consumption, even over long periods of use.
  • They reduce the costs of moving to real locations around the world by simulating those locations on the LED Video Wall.
  • By generating the scene in real-time, shooting angles, lighting, contrast or other details of the shot can be corrected on the spot.
  • They are easy to assemble and disassemble and can be of various sizes as required, covering all the requirements of the set environment.
  • The resulting footage does not require as intensive a post-production process as if other technologies were used.

Let’s discuss cost-cutting in virtual productions with LED video walls

As we have been mentioning, the impact of LED technology in this industry is quite considerable, now let’s see how this reduction in costs translates:

  • First of all, Big LED Screens are used to generate the different locations that are needed for the development of the filming, at this point the cost reduction impacts on the assembly of the set, which will be less for the production of scenery.
  • Continuing with the previous point, the fact that these screens can generate any type of scenery reduces the costs of moving the production to any part of the world where the filming would have been desired, in addition to reducing the costs of accommodation, food, and everything that entails the transfer of both the production and the actors and other personnel.
  • Being able to see in real-time the scenery recreated by the LED Screens, allows the director and the rest of the staff to see the scenes in real-time and to be able to correct on the spot the different angles at which the actors will be focused, the type of lighting to be adjusted or the contrast of the background with respect to certain shots. It allows all these types of corrections at the moment of the development of the shot and not in the post-production part, which saves a lot of time and editing costs.
  • With the implementation of these Virtual Productions, fewer lighting elements and other effects that enhance natural scenes are needed, as these are digitally generated on set and can be implemented in the same background image. It even allows the reproduction of scenes behind the actors and not only static landscapes, thus being able, for example, to focus on the actors in a scene while a large-scale war, an erupting volcano, or even space scenes take place behind them.
  • The versatility of its configuration allows the production company to realize any type of scenario since its embedding form allows them to be wider or higher or vice versa, they can adopt any shape, which allows various modes of use to the development of the set.
  • The continuous use of this technology does not generate high electricity costs, since they are low consumption, so their energy efficiency makes them ideal for this type of production that has long periods of filming.


How LED technology helped film production businesses save expenses

For all of the above reasons, film production companies have set their eyes on this equipment, not only because of the cost reduction but also because of the final result that can be achieved with these screens. Let’s see some examples of Virtual Sets that have been developed in some productions:

  • The Mandalorian: this television series developed by Disney used this technology known as StageCraft with giant, curved LED Displays to generate an immersive stage for the actors to recreate the different physical spaces in which the series was developed throughout its seasons.
  • Rogue One, A Star Wars Story: the development of this filming also used a large screen to make the scenery backgrounds in the realization of the shots of the battle of Scarif Beach.
  • Gravity: another production that took advantage of the use of this technology to generate virtual scenery and a more immersive environment in the shots that were made by showing the space cabin with shots of Earth and space in the background, a development that earned this film an Oscar nomination in the category of Best Production Design, and won the Oscar in the category of Best Visual Effects.


A supplier of LED displays for virtual productions

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