The use of LED walls in virtual productions. A new beginning


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When it comes to audiovisual productions, creating realistic scenery is very important because the quality of a scene depends on it. Before green screens, it was necessary to do many scenes on location or create sets with props.

With the use of LED walls in virtual productions, this improved, but in many scenes the difference between the foreground of the actors and the background simulated with this technology is notorious. 

The LED wall comes to solve this big problem because they generate hyper-realistic images in which it is almost impossible to distinguish the two planes.

This helps producers and directors to recreate natural scenery or places around the world and even create fantastic scenarios. But they are not only used in the film, they are also used for all kinds of commercials, video game production, TV studio shoots, etc.

  • LED video walls for virtual productions save a lot of time, money, and effort in productions. This equipment can create realistic scenarios in which actors, directors, and producers perform scenes of greater impact. Having the ability to see the finished scene saves editing time in post-production.
  • On shoots where there are rapid set changes, it is almost impossible to generate sequences using only traditional scenery. Motion software allows cameras and virtual backgrounds to be synchronized to generate smooth and fast scene changes.
  • Scenery changes on an LED screen are instantaneous. This is a great help to directors because they can modify scenes in real-time. Effects, lighting, and graphics can also be added on the fly.
  • With this technology, post-production work is merged with the shooting of scenes. Because the integration between physical and virtual elements is much more realistic, it is possible to create more impressive productions than we have seen so far.


The limitless creative potential for moviemakers

One of the best features of LED technology in virtual productions is that it is very versatile. Let’s take a look at some of the uses it can have:

  • Background. On many occasions, the locations of certain scenes cannot be recreated physically. Either because it is a fantasy scene or because shooting on location would be too complicated. Set backgrounds can recreate any fantasy scene, realistic, war, city, space, animated location, etc.
  • Dynamic sets. Directors often have to stop shooting to review the effects of certain scenes. With these screens, changes are made on the fly, creating a clearer and more immersive overall experience for everyone.
  • Acting quality. Actors can give higher-quality performances because they interact with the background and can better engage with the scene. This is a more realistic way to tell the story of a recording, rather than using green screens where the actors don’t know what the final scene will look like.
  • Lighting effects. The light-emitting diodes in the screens make it easier to adjust the lighting. These adjustments also make it possible to create special effects on certain elements.

LED screens and their compatibility with design and digital animation software

As mentioned earlier, big LED display for virtual sets require certain software for use in this type of scene. There are several LED panel options to choose from, but one of the best performances is the indoor LED screen P1.9mm because its pixel pitch is 1.9mm, its dimensions are 640 x 480 x 75 mm and its refresh rate is 3840 Hz.

Also, there are software options compatible with these panels for virtual productions, the best known are:

  • Unity. This is one of the most famous video game production software in video game development. It allows the creation of virtual schematics and 3D models for use in video games or any other production.
  • Unreal Engine. This is another option that works very well for developing 3D video games.
  • Resolume. It is recommended for live events such as fairs, concerts, festivals, etc. With it, you can create visual and lighting effects on the fly.
  • Adobe after effects. This software is very popular in the recording of movies and short films. Its visual effects are very realistic and work very well for creating animations and complex graphics.
  • Disguise. It is used to create live virtual sets and is often used in closed events such as theaters, galleries, and exhibitions.


An LED display manufacturer specializing in virtual production

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