Why should any business have an LED screen?


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Attracting the attention of the target audience is one of the fundamental pillars of any marketing plan. For this, many techniques can be used, but one of the most effective is audiovisual content. We live exposed to a large number of inputs and images, so the most effective spots are the most creative and interesting ones. Then why should any business have an LED screen?

Let’s think about the mythical streets of Time Square. This is the most coveted area for all the big brands, but we will not just focus on the location, but also on the technology. These spots are so attractive because the images are incredibly realistic and for this, it is necessary to have LED screens with the best quality.

These types of equipment are becoming more and more popular because they achieve very important visual effects for a marketing strategy. Let’s see what they are:

  • To provoke interest. Any product or service that manages to arouse interest manages to attract more new customers, compared to a brand that goes unnoticed. LED panels arouse this interest and attract foot traffic.
  • Exposure. Commercial signage is beginning to replace classic signs with displays. This is because they can display the brand identity, useful content, promotional videos, and much more.
  • Interactive communication strategy. When the content of a brand manages to retain the attention of customers, it is more effective. For this, videos, tutorials, and dynamic content are the best option.
  • More sales. LED displays are a good way to promote new products and services, discounts, and offers. With an interesting video or tutorial, it will be easier for customers to make a purchase.
  • Versatility. Because they are independent modules that form an LED panel, they can be adapted to any space. They work in small places as displays but are also often seen outdoors. They can be used as advertising in events, highways, shopping malls, etc.


LED displays for indoor and outdoor use

Before we refer to the models, we have to say that there are indoor LED panels and outdoor LED panels designed for any use. 

Indoor use:

  • P1.9mm. This model is ideal for promoting products and services in small spaces such as waiting rooms and offices. It measures 640 x 480 x 75 mm, with 4k resolution, and its viewing distance is 5 feet.
  • P2.9mm. In transportation stations, this is often a model that works very well for providing information in boarding lounges. It measures 500 x 500 x 75 mm, has 4k resolution, and it’s a viewing distance is 6 feet.

Outdoor use:

  • P3.99mm. This LED display is recommended for medium-sized outdoor spaces, such as storefronts for advertising and attracting foot traffic. It measures 500 x 500 x 75 mm, has 4k images and its viewing distance is 8 feet.
  • P5mm. This model is often used by event production houses because it works very well for outdoor events such as concerts or fairs. It is weather resistant, has 4k images, measures 960 x 960 x 80 mm and the viewing distance is 16 feet.

Businesses that have benefited from the usage of LED displays

LED displays have become a substitute for TV, LCDs, banners, etc. They are more efficient and versatile and their images are much more attractive, resulting in more sales and popularity for the brand. They are usually used in:

  • Temples and churches project all kinds of religious content such as song lyrics, videos, images, Bible verses, and even subtitles. They help to generate a spiritual environment and turn the religious encounter into a more interactive and participatory experience. The best option for them is a LED wall for churches.
  • Small stores. Local businesses often use it to publicize their products, promotions, offers, discounts, and much more. It is also very useful to promote the corporate image.
  • Sports fields. Big LED screens are often used in these places to inform about the statistics of the game and the players, show replays and controversial plays, promote the sponsors of the event, and offer all kinds of content related to the sports world.
  • Transportation stations and terminals. Here they are a staple because they are used as information boards for flights, trains, buses, ferries, and other means of transportation. The most important schedules, announcements, and notices are usually posted on LED screens that are distributed throughout the place.
  • Theaters and concert halls. When it comes to entertainment, image is very important. In theaters and concert halls, large LED panels are often used as audiovisual support for scenes, musicals, and exhibitions.
  • Corporate spaces. In the waiting rooms of offices, small LED screens with information about the company’s products and services are often seen. They also work very well to publicize events and the brand’s corporate identity.
  • Tourism and hospitality. Places such as resorts, hotels, and restaurants are very useful because tourists, customers, and visitors can learn about the services, attractions, products, and information about the place.
  • Health centers. As in transportation centers, hospital centers need to provide a lot of information in very fast time. To achieve this, LED technology helps patients, companions, and medical staff to communicate and streamline processes.


The best technology to make your project possible

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