Waterproof Backstage with outdoor Led Screen Panels


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LED technology is becoming more and more common in all kinds of events, and when it comes to a waterproof backstage with outdoor Led Screen Panels, specially designed models are needed to play content on stage.

Open spaces require a striking and attention-grabbing platform. LED screens fulfill this function very well, especially when it comes to outdoors because they are able to play content on a large scale and with the best image quality.

This type of scenario requires a fully waterproofed space, both for attendees and for equipment. Remember that in large outdoor venues, it is very difficult to find suitable locations to protect from rain.

Many spaces for musical events such as theaters or amphitheaters have outdoor areas. These spaces usually require a waterproof location to protect equipment.


Large venues that can be used as large event surfaces require models such as Mirackle’s P3.99mm and P5mm Outdoor LED panels. The high image refresh rate makes the quality the best in large, open spaces.

Weatherproof structures are easy to install in areas that do not have the watertight infrastructure for LED displays.

Because parking lots are large areas, they are often used as waterproof spaces with LED displays. They are perfect for electrical installation and Internet connectivity.

Key points you must consider to create a water-resistant  backstage area with outdoor LED walls

Preliminary evaluations are essential to make a waterproof backstage. Because there are natural factors on the ground, the following considerations should be taken into account before starting:

  • The internet and electrical connection should be stable throughout the area and must be compatible with the LED screens.
  • The area must be sheltered from bad weather. Make sure the drainage system is in good working order.
  • Even though it is an outdoor area, it must be accessible to musicians, artists, technological equipment, and all the elements used in this type of event.
  • The materials used on the stage must be suitable for outdoor use. In addition, LED equipment should be protected with weatherproof covers.

Benefits of using waterproof LED panels in stages

  • Mirackle outdoor LED screens are manufactured with an IP65 protection layer.
  • Big LED screens are able to maintain intense dark tones despite being exposed to a lot of light. In addition, the screen has UV protection and is windproof.
  • This technology is much more energy efficient than others because it has an automatic brightness adjustment to avoid excess power consumption during off-peak hours.
  • This is the best platform for large-scale and high-impact advertising in outdoor spaces and is resistant to wind, dust, water, humidity, etc.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of projects, such as commercial, cultural, governmental, etc. advertising.
  • This system can be installed in all kinds of outdoor spaces. This is because the mounting and anchoring system can be adjusted to irregular outdoor surfaces. Moreover, they are practical, easy to use, and adaptable.

Events where outdoor Backstage LED panels can be deployed


When outdoor events are held, waterproof backstage with outdoor LED walls is very common. They not only function as a waiting room for the artists, but also for the technical equipment and the rest of the event’s devices.

Amusement parks, circuses, and zoos often use large LED panels in outdoor areas to provide information to visitors. They also work very well for projecting promotional content in the queues or waiting areas of the attractions.

  • Major sporting events often use these screens to display replays or game scores and statistics. They also function as great platforms for team advertising, sponsors, and other advertising content.
  • During outdoor events such as fairs, concerts, or festivals, LED screens are basic to accompany the main stage. However, it is also necessary to create a waterproof space for attendees to view important information about the event.
  • Large conventions can host so many attendees that it is necessary to do so in outdoor spaces. In this case, outdoor LED technology is essential to organize the booths so that attendees can identify each space.

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