Why are jumbotrons being replaced by LED Video Walls?


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Gradually, in the display market, Jumbotron screens are giving way to LED video walls for several reasons. Among the main ones, is the fact that they have a lower cost with higher performance and are also easy and economical maintenance.  

  • Costs: In the case of large installations, LED screens tend to be less expensive than Jumbovision jumbotrons. The main difference is that LED walls are made up of individual panels that can be changed to fit any size or shape, while jumbotrons are made from a single solid structure.
  • Maintenance: most LED Video Walls are easier to maintain than Jumbotron Screens. This is because the former is easy to disassemble and replace if they break, while jumbotrons require more work to refurbish.
  • Visibility: Another significant advantage of LED Wall Screens is that they offer a wider viewing angle and sharper colors. They can also have better resolution and image quality. In addition, they can be better adapted to different locations and sites.

The reasons why you should go with an LED wall


LED Wall are video wall displays using light emitting diodes. The displays are modular LED video wall panels, i.e. they are composed of smaller LED panels.

This is a revolutionary technology that does not compare with its predecessors. Why?

  • First of all, they last ten times longer than CRT systems.
  • Big LED Screens are now ready to transmit high-definition images via DVI or HDMI interface.
  • Video Wall Panels can be integrated to make giant screens that are in great demand for live broadcasts, outdoor video or movie projections, mass events, concerts, and sporting events. 
  • LED screens are very versatile. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, in shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and churches.
  • They have different “pixel pitches“, i.e. configurations to adjust to the distance from where it will be displayed without losing sharpness or quality. The minimum distance between the viewer and the screen is considered equal to three times the diagonal of the screen.
  • Although they are adaptable indoors and outdoors, the ideal for outdoor use is to resort to a Big LED screen specifically which Mirackle has, ideal for outdoor LED video walls with models of 3.99 mm, 3.99 mm double, P5 mm, and P5 mm FIXED
  • This technology has a high number of Hertz (Hz), high brightness, and contrast
  • They have a high resolution (1080p) which classifies them as HD or full HD. 
  • Big LED panels have USB, HDMI, and DTT inputs

Replacement LED panels for the aging Jumbotron are in the works.

In a continuous process, during the last years, the number of LED video walls is increasing. They are applied to a large number of applications, providing solutions to multiple needs.

LED screens are chosen for their brightness, which makes them extremely attractive for commercials, advertising, or social events of great massiveness. 

Among the multiple benefits that LED video panels can provide, the following can be mentioned:

  • They are part of the company’s image due to their quality and aesthetics.
  • They are fully customizable and upgradeable, which makes them very functional.
  • They are very versatile, they can be used in multiple occasions and situations.
  • They transmit a very powerful and uniform light.
  • They are economical and eco-friendly.
  • They are easily transportable and easy to assemble and disassemble.

What are some of the sites or events where LED video technology is used?


  • SoFi Stadium in Inglewood (California) where a Big LED wall was installed to transmit all kinds of information about the games. This includes replays, close-ups, statistics, results, and updates that generate interaction. All this makes for a complete, attractive, and enjoyable experience for the public.
  • Churchill Downs Racetrack (USA) placed a Big LED screen for spectators to watch the race broadcast from anywhere in the facility.
  • Other stadiums: ice hockey, American soccer games, NBA stadiums, baseball fields, and golf courses, among others. 

Choose the best LED company

For all the reasons mentioned above, at Mirackle we offer a wide variety of Video LED panels for optimal broadcasts, productions, and audiovisual content. 

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