How to adjust the brightness on a Big LED screen?


Table of Contents

If our LED Screen doesn’t provide a high-quality image and something seems off, the problem may be with the brightness. If this is the case, there are two ways to improve the brightness that is not what was desired: either through a technical method reserved for professionals (such as changing the chip to offer more luminosity, altering the current that flows through the LED, or performing a grayscale control through pulse modulation), or by directly adjusting the brightness through the controllables.

We’ll see how to do it by using their controllers in these simple steps.


Step 1: Identify the controls

Some screens typically have a physical control on the back of the panels that allows us to access the screen’s adjustment menu and change how it performs. Without a physical controller, adjustments can be made directly from the software that manages the content that is displayed on the screen.

Step 2: Turn on the screen

Remember that in order to make these adjustments, the screen must be turned on. This will allow us to monitor changes in the brightness level as we work to achieve our goals.

Step 3: Access the settings menu

From the physical control panel, we will use its buttons to access the panel’s configuration, which will allow us to change the panel’s brightness among other things. From the software, we will look for the configuration option that refers to changing the picture.